I just cannot understand why sourcing good quality unique premium candle making supplies is such a hoop jumping experience in Canada.For the past year my company has had such difficulties getting the raw materials required to make our candles..our southern neighbour’s seem to have it all figured out the portfolios of the candle supply company’s in the US are vast offering great prices and variety.Containers,packaging,labels,fragrance oils and wax are like pulling teeth to obtain here in Cacnada no wonder the market is inundated with imported low quality candles that more a fire hazard than anything else. So what next…I could jump at the opportunity thats staring me down or give up FRUSTRATED….I dont think so….where there is a will theres a way.I am certain many other chandlers are faced with the same issues,wether you make candles as a hobby,for friends and family for sale in a Mom and Pop shop,or for international retail the base of your business relies on sourcing high quality reasonably priced goods.With this said im inviting candle makers big and small to reply with your thoughts on your experience sourcing supplies here in Cananda.Together we can fix this.Waiting to hear from you.


Hard Work Brings True Joy

Very true words and a guide to live by.These days I don’t believe many people understand that their desires are within reach if we put in the work required to achieve our true potential.Starting a business is a lot of work but very rewarding to see all the elements come together.

The late nights spent researching,awkward meetings,loads of information saturating ones self with everything having to do with your product.In some instances you’ve tested and retested,handed out samples gotten feedback, highlighted a market for your product or service.You now eat sleep and breathe your fragile business.Like a mother with a newborn.

Soon there is an overwhelming feeling of hitting a brick wall. Seeing anything else about you business just wears you down ,demotivation and fear sets in  but if you’ve done due diligence in research,you are confident in your product,and there is a market for your goods or service then it is imperative that you push past this state.I call it the writers block of business. Many a writer will tell you sometimes you need to step away from the article but once you get over that initial block and the words start coming they just flow,then you get back into that zone.

Be encouraged,that feeling you’re having ,that great idea that has been haunting you for years,you know it in your gut that its a great opportunity take a closer look at it with a bit of elbow grease it can change your life.


Be Blessed

Lustre Wood Wick Candles Canada

Fine candle connoisseurs are always seeking quality,sustainable and fragrant pieces to add to their collection’s.Lustre Wood Wick Candles based in Ontario, Canada thrives to supply its customers with just that, in addition to an inspiring message on each hand poured,Premium soy blened candle.The lush line of wooden wick scented candles crackle soothingly while emitting luxurious fragrances like Chantilly Lace,French Coconut Mango,Tuscany Glow among others.